5 Top Tips to a Successful Facebook Business Page

We’ve all seen Facebook business pages for a service or product, with a few links to their site, no posts for 2 months, and an ill-sized image for a logo. Unfortunately, when asked whether they have a Facebook presence, the owners of those businesses will say yes, oblivious to the fact that their page is of no benefit or value to them. To avoid a #FacebookFail, take a look at these five key tips:

1. Get Likes

One problem with Facebook compared to Twitter, is that it is difficult to initially build a following organically. People will need to come directly from your website, and many sites are not able to drive enough towards their social media pages. Try and advertise your Facebook account regularly on any other social networks, display a link to it prominently on your website (at the end of blog posts works well), and if at all possible, advertise – Facebook ads are cheap and well targeted. In the end you need a following if anyone is going to know about your Facebook page.

2. Tidy up

Ensure your logo is in perfect proportion, and is set to the correct size, to avoid stretching it. The logo should be 180 x 180, and the cover photo, the wide banner in the background, needs to be 851 x 315 px. Make sure they are good quality, appropriate images too, that represent your company well. Try and avoid text or writing on the image.

3. Post *some* links

Your Facebook page has to be like an interesting magazine to really capture your audience. If it’s all about linking to your website, that’s more of an advert. And people skip adverts often. A link to your product or service on your website, once per day, or slightly less often, should be appropriate as long as other content is posted on your account. A similar amount of links to news pieces, or opinion articles that are of interest to your followers, is also suitable, and are more likely to be shared.

4. Pose questions

Links are well and good, but people will not engage often with a link, unless you have a very high number of Likes. Try posing questions that are related to your field, related to your followers. If you have a page that is followed by small business owners, ask them if they have encountered issues getting funding. Entice people with intelligent questions, one per day will be enough, and soon people will start commenting. Also questions without links to an article seem to perform well, so don’t chase the traffic, chase the engagement. Finally, reply to people who reply to your questions, or who comment on article posts. Generate discussions, entice others to join in, otherwise people will soon lose interest.

5. Images

For articles posted on your site, for comments or questions, where possible include a suitable picture – posts with images tend to catch the attention of people on their Home page. If you are posting an image (related, humorous pictures get shared well), resize it to 400px wide to ensure it fits the Facebook page well.