The Importance of Blogs for Social Media Success

To fully make use of your social media potential, it is important that your campaigns are not simply linked to tweets and posts. For some companies, the key will be to drive traffic to the website – And this is best done by writing interesting and relevant content.

Content that catches the eye of potential customers, has the benefit of bringing them one step closer to making contact. What’s more, if that content is good, it will also build trust between the host of that content (the company), and the reader (the potential client).

Having content also gives companies another way to get clients onto their site without just linking to the services offered. Few will click on a link pointing to services offered, but interesting content could attract them.

Think of a coffee shop with free espressos being handed out just outside on the street. Many will try a coffee, and one or two, sooner or later, will head into the store and buy a coffee maker. What’s more, the free content (coffee in this case), helps to build up a positive brand image and reputation with all the others who try it. That can result in word of mouth referrals, or back in the online world, retweets, or link referrals.

Finally, never underestimate the benefit of fresh, regular content on your website. Google only ranks what it deems as good content, regularly updated, and so the SEO benefits ensure an active blog, 4/5 posts per week, are well worthwhile.