Using Facebook for Advertising

Online advertisement doesn’t have to stick to Google ads these days – why not get your advertisements right before the eyes of your key audience by using Facebook?

By using Facebook as part of your online advertising plan, you’ll be able to reach targeted segments of potential consumers and give your conversion rate a boost that only social channels like this can give.

With posts written the right way and clear calls to action, your adverts could get shared and liked and reach out to a wider sphere of people than previously thought. Here’s how.

First steps

Before you start thinking about which page of your site you are planning on targeting with a Facebook advertising campaign, it’s a good idea to go over your site and make sure you have ‘Find us on Facebook’ buttons in key places.

Next; your Facebook page itself needs to look good. Make sure you’ve got an eye-catching and colourful header image, friendly language on posts and plenty of content for fans to interact with. Once some ‘likes’ your page, your content will appear in their news feed – so make sure it’s good!

Informative or fun posts are more likely to get shared – this translates as extra brand awareness and advertising, so make sure you have this in your social media content strategy.

Facebook ads

These appear in the sidebar while a user is on Facebook, and are tailored to be targeted to certain people according to a certain group of keywords.

When you create an ad, you will be able to stipulate who you want reading that ad – you can narrow it down by location, gender, age, educational level…Facebook Insights will be able to give you a good idea of what’s working and what isn’t. It’s a fairly cost-effective way to advertise.

Cultivating relationships

It’s important to remember that one of the key uses of Facebook in any digital strategy is to create consumer relationships.

As a rule, Facebook ads work better when they invite users to visit your company Facebook page rather than a targeted landing page on your site. Unlike PPC, Facebook ads are not specifically targeted at those who are at least half-way along the conversion funnel – thus, if you’re trying to advertise a product, you might not get as many click-throughs.

As such, your ads on Facebook should be aimed at creating long-term customer relationships rather than quick-win conversions.

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