Wearable Tech – Guilt-tripped into Exercise

As this is our first blog post of 2014, there’s no better time to wish all our blog followers and clients success for the new year – if you were celebrating Christmas, I hope you got what you had hoped for!

I did, even if I didn’t quite know it. My girlfriend gave me a Jawbone UP wristband, one of the latest in a trend of wearable tech products, aimed at helping you quantify your activity during day and night. It measures the amount of excercise and calories burned during the day (a hint from the other half with a wedding on the horizon?), with a standard threshold of 10,000 steps per day. If you don’t reach that when you check your stats before bed, the guilt brings about a renewed resolve to do better the next day (a thought swiftly forgotten by the morning however).

For sleep however the UP is very useful, giving an indication based on complicated algorythms of sensors, which I won’t pretend to understand, of the amount of sleep, and indeed Deep Sleep, gained through the night. Lastly it will even vibrate to wake you up in the morning, choosing a moment when you are not sleeping deeply so as to lessen the horror of awakening on a dark winter’s morning.

Has it had a significant impact on me so far? Well I value the sleep information and alarm system, that’s for sure. As for excercise, well it’s quite possible it is pushing me to visit the gym more often. Looking in the Trends section I can see when I have gone a few days without enough activity, pull myself away from the desk, and build up my steps for the day, desperate not to be judged by my Jawbone UP.