What Can Open Graph Protocol Do For You?


If you aren’t using Open Graph Protocol on your businesses’ Facebook page, you might not be getting the most out of what this prolific social channel can offer you. With some coding know-how or the right guidance, you could increase visits to your site from Facebook referrals – and the Open Graph Protocol could do that for you.

In 2010 Facebook started implementing the Open Graph Protocol to standardise how different types of content would be displayed on the social networking site. This refers to the link that you might copy and paste into a comment on your Facebook feed – the title, image, URL and description appears thanks to the OGP process.

How can OGP help a website?

Open Graph Protocol scrapes the page of the URL which was posted, and pulls out a title with a main image, along with the meta description. As a rule, you’ll usually have this set up if you run your site on a major CMS such as WordPress.

However, it is possible to customise exactly what information appears when a URL of your site is posted on Facebook simply by adding Open Graph tags to your pages.

As a result, you can choose which image you want to appear in the OGP result. The more eye-catching the image, the higher the chance of a click-through.

And it’s not just the image you can change – the content can be changed too, along with the title. It’s a perfect way to mix and match and find out what sort of titles and images drive your customers to your site.

The main takeaways

The main function of the Open Graph protocol is to allow single web pages themselves to become rich objects within the social graph – not unlike the rich snippet functionalities from Google.

Specific data will need to be added to each page, which of course can take time but could be worth it – you’ll be able to monitor the effect of your OGP implementation with Google Analytics or with Facebook Insights.

If you want to find out more about what Open Graph protocol can do for your social channels, or for information regarding OGP for other social networking sites, contact us today.