What Can Pinterest do for your Company?

Often regarded as the darling of the social media family, Pinterest has been growing and growing for the last few years, gaining notoriety as an easy-to-use scrapbooking tool of sorts. With more than 70 million users, it could well be an uptapped asset to your company.


Whilst you may be forgiven for thinking that Pinterest is all about crafts and fashion (female-friendly content, as it is coined in the industry), all types of business can use it if they wish.

Like Facebook and Twitter, being active on Pinterest can be beneficial to SEO metrics thanks to high numbers of referral visits – not to mention, Google likes fresh content from social channels.

It’s not all About Looks…

You don’t have to have professionally-taken photos to get repined on Pinterest (although it does help). They key to driving referral traffic to your site is a good combo of image and content.

Some of the best-performing pins include images and content aimed to inspire users, solve problems or appeal to the user’s emotions (the latter being a good reason for cute animal pins doing so well).

Try to communicate the message of your posted image within the content – and try to make it benefit your both current and future customers.

Engaging with Consumers

Social media chanels are an excellent way to put a face to a brand, and Pinterest is no different.

Include active customer engagement in your social media plan, and make sure you include Pinterest in there. By repining relevant pins and boards of other users, and by activiley commenting or answering questions about your pinned products, you’ll be vastly improving brand trust and cementing brand image; two metrics which are key to conversions and life-long customers.

Pinning the Brand

When you share images or photos on Pinterest which are your own, it’s worth including your brand logo somewhere on the image itself.

Because of the nature of Pinterest, it’s not easy to find the original pinner of photos of images – so when you want to upload, simply place a small PNG of your brand logo in a corner. This means that no matter how far the pin goes, users are sharing your brand in addition to your photo.

Get your Website Ready for Pinterest

The easiest way to get your website Pinterest-friendly is to download a Pinterest widget. Many companies choose to have the Pinterest logo on key images within their site (such as product images) to heighten sharing chances.

However, if you would rather not bulk out your site’s source code, it is possible to manually enter code for a Pinterest follow button or Pinterest share button.

If you’re interested in finding out what Pinterest can do for your business? Contact us today.