timtiro1Tim Doel, MD Different League Media. I think often, having someone who has experience with obstacles you can come up against online, can help shed light on new areas of opportunity, potential alternative ways of running your site that may help improve productivity, and in turn, sales.

I look at the overall situation of the websites we work with, and check for any potential opportunities for improvement – new traffic streams, marketing opportunities, income streams, technical advances, new markets, and much more.

From there, I’ll supply you with an initial report detailing our suggested areas of improvement, and some detail on implementing these.

If there is further work of which we feel we could manage and implement (SEO improvements for example, social media), we will quote you for those – however you are under no obligation to carry out the work directly with us (although we are competitive!).

Prices start as low as £149.99 for an initial report, and no tie-ins are required for ongoing consulting if you choose a longer term relationship.

If you are interested in this service, or want to know more about my credentials, get in touch with me today: