Do you need a social media manager?

We get many people come to us, trying to decipher whether or not the social media management services we supply are things they could cover within their existing team. The question of whether or not to outsource social media is becoming a common one – here are the major things to consider:

How big is your existing team?

Many bosses assign social media to an employee, expecting them to tweet now and then, and post on facebook any company announcements. Unfortunately, when they get no traffic or sales as a return on their social media campaign, they determine that it has failed, and does not work.

The truth may be the opposite. The key point to realise is that social media campaigns must be continuous – leave a Twitter account for a week without being updated, and it becomes redundant. Likewise, tweeting information that is of no interest to followers, will result in a predictable manner.

Essentially, making an existing member of staff your own social media manager, will reduce their productivity in their ‘day job’ – social media campaigns take time, both for implementation and on a creative front.

Do you have funds?

Most social media campaigns work around a blog on a website – unless you have staff on hand to contribute blogs on a regular (3 per week +) basis, social media will have little to promote – repeating your great new offer will likely be ignored – generating debate about some industry news may make your company stick in the mind for when they actually have a need for the service.

If you don’t have the staff on hand for generating content, you may need to pay a content provider (we at Different League Media offer very competitive rates), but a social media campaign is flawed without all it’s component factors.

Social Media campaigns with Different League Media, with blogs included, start at just £220pcm.