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A Different League

A Different LeagueThe UK football news and analysis site A Different League was launched in 2008, and has become one of the largest sites of it’s kind in the UK, attracting as many as 1.2million hits per month.

Our team of football expert writers ensure the site is constantly updated with the latest breaking football news.

If you have any advertising, promotional or editorial inquiries, get in touch: info@adifferentleague.co.uk

Visit www.adifferentleague.co.uk

Football Italiano

Football ItalianoThe first site of the Different League Media network, Football Italiano was launched in 2007, bringing analysis of Italian football to the English market. The site soon became the second largest site on Italian football in English.

As well as looking in depth at the latest Calcio news, the site also brought such classic pieces as The Gazzetta Interview, translated each week.

If you have any advertising, promotional or editorial inquiries, get in touch: admin@footballitaliano.co.uk

Visit www.footballitaliano.co.uk

Jobs Football

Jobs FootballJobsfootball.co.uk was formed to offer the latest football jobs direct to a suitable audience. Visitors now only need to check one site for the latest specifically football related work, ranging from coaching, journalism, PR and sales.

Visit www.jobsfootball.co.uk



We will also shortly be launching the long-awaited Small Business blog and community, www.smemarket.co.uk.