Reddit as part of a social media strategy

RedditIf you’re not familiar with Reddit, it can be best described as a link sharing site, whereby posts are voted up or down depending on how interesting users find the content. As with the old styled DIGG, posts of significant general interest can go viral, bringing 100,000s of visitors to a site. Most of course, go without garnering much interest.

For certain websites, Reddit can be a valuable way of getting your content out there quickly – if you are a magazine site for example, and your content is unique and of general interest, posting in the correct area can really help drive traffic, and encourage sharing amongst other social networks. Any links on the Reddit site of course also provide an albeit small amount of SEO benefit, as with links on Twitter, Facebook and others, contributing to your social signals as viewed by Google when listing your site.

Shop sites, insurance, and many other business kinds will not receive much more benefit than the SEO link from Reddit – however imaginative use from some other companies could bring traffic. Estate agents dealing with high value properties may get benefits from posting pictures of interesting luxury apartments. Web designers who have come up with an innovative and comment inducing design, could find shares, as would graphic designers. Publishing sites too can benefit from bringing new users to the site, again usually depending on the originality of the content.

Essentially, if you have something of general interest, and innovative, you have a good chance of getting some votes, and with that, some traffic. Once you get a piece that takes off, the sky’s the limit with Reddit.