Twitter for business – Do you engage or dictate?

One thing we see often from small and medium sized business Twitter accounts, is an approach of telling their followers what they offer continuously – as you can imagine, the messages will not of much interest to the vast majority of followers, and after a couple of weeks, to all followers.

Followers see these kind of adverts throughout their Twitter feed, and in general, they become immune to them – they don’t read the full tweet. As a result, no social media campaign on Twitter can possibly have success if there is not engagement.

Engagement means creating interactivity between the Twitter page, and the followers. It may be by discussing a current affair, a policy change (assuming your followers are in the same field as you), and for some businesses, even gossip. For one-man businesses, it can even be personal. The point is to get people talking to you.

Once you have regularly been engaging with your audience, you will find that there is a trust built up between your company, and your followers. Your followers will know roughly what you do, but most important of all, when they do need a service that you offer, or know of someone who does, they will remember you – and they won’t remember your 40th tweet of the day about the services you offer.

Tweeting what you do is important, but it cannot succeed as the single element of a social media campaign. Engaging is important, and one last thing that people forget, is that it needs to be regular. It needs to be daily, and multiple times daily, as this maximises the amount, and success, of your engagement.

So when creating your social media strategy, remember to give your business the best chance possible and designate daily windows for engaging your followers.