About me


My name is Tim Doel, a 30… something digital dreamer living in Cardiff, a tired but motivated father of a very energetic toddler, proud husband, and proud Tottenham supporter!

I founded Different League Media back in 2011 as a social media agency, on the back of some sports websites I created, and since then, I have formed another company, Tiro Media Ltd, back in 2014 with an old schoolmate, running some leading sports websites, while working in strategy and outreach with Different League Media.

My two roles gives me a vital glimpse into the life of a publisher and and agency, meaning I know what a client wants, what they need (not always the same thing), and I have the team on call to deliver that.

Today I work in two languages, English and Italian, providing either sports content, or varying levels of strategy consultancy in both countries.

Check me out onĀ Linked In and get in touch at tim@differentleaguemedia.co.uk to see how I can help you.