Who should use LinkedIn advertising?

LinkedIn advertising gives companies an alternative option when it comes to pay-per-click advertising, one which is even more targeted, and as such, more efficient with your budget.

With Google Adwords you target a phrase or keyword, and you have the opportunity to target specific countries or locations. However, with LinkedIn advertising, there is the option to target people based on seniority of position, job title, industry, age, even by actual companies.

The wealth of information people make public in order to sign-up for LinkedIn, allows the site to offer the most targeted audience for advertising, and means you don’t have to worry about whether you are spending your money effectively. The option to use CPM (Pay per 1000 views), or PPC (Pay per click), means an even more quantifiable way to measure your campaign.

Many companies are still using Google Adwords, and for some it will be a more effective use of their budget. Essentially it comes down to your product. If what you offer is for people in any job, any social-economic group, and you are after large quantities of traffic, Adwords may well be more effective. However if you are targeting a specific group or people, business to business often, a particular industry, or you need to get your advert in front of the decision-makers only, then LinkedIn advertising is far more effective.

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